On the Fly 2019 Pinot Gris - SOLD OUT

On the Fly 2019 Pinot Gris - SOLD OUT

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"Cold climate pinot gris grapes make wines that are crisp, refreshing and pure. We believe in giving our vines a lot of attention to bring out the best we can in the fruit. As each year progresses we look at how best to maintain and improve the quality of our grapes by ensuring the fruit is disease free and in balance to the vine. In January 2019, our precious grapes in incurred the wrath of a fierce hail storm that meant almost every bunch on every vine was damaged in some way. Thankfully we were able to source a small quantity of Pinot Gris grapes from two other Tumbarumba vineyards. This small production of 140 dozen bottles is the only wine we will release for the 2019 vintage. 


Vital statistics

A combination of Pinot Gris grapes from two Tumbarumba vineyards

Hand picked: 5 and 8 March 2019

Bottled:  11 June 2019

Production: 140 dozen bottles

12.9% alcohol/vol



Pale straw coloured with green hints



Complex apple and pear fruit aromas with a touch of spice



Well balanced acidity with a long, dry finish.


What Alex Mackay (our winemaker) did

The grapes were 100% whole bunch pressed with the juice then fermented in stainless steel. The fermentation was stopped before all the grape sugars were converted to alcohol. This process balances out the natural acidity of the wine and promotes fruit weight on the palate.


What the wine says

This wine says "Sip me and enjoy. I am a wine to relax with. You can have me on my own or with food. I'm easy going and versatile."


What others are saying

This wine is so easy to drink.