On the Fly 2022 Pinot Noir

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"Born from the meticulous interplay of nature and the skilled hands of the viticulturist and winemaker, our Pinot Noir is a testament to the artistry in both vineyard and cellar. The journey begins with rigorous vineyard work—shoot thinning, crop thinning, and expert canopy management—where the viticulturist's dedication lays the foundation for the expressive grapes that later meet the winemaker's careful touch. From the Burgundian pigeage method to the delicate aging in French oak barrels, each sip is a collaborative masterpiece, celebrating the craftsmanship woven into every aspect of its creation."

Vital statistics

Single vineyard pinot noir grapes (MV6 clone)

Hand picked: 29 March 2022

Bottled: February 2023

Production: 183 dozen bottles

12.8% alcohol/vol


Pale ruby

Nose and Palate

Indulge in the sensory symphony of our newly released 2022 Pinot Noir. A captivating blend of savoury notes and fruit aromas, accompanied by a subtle touch of herbaceousness. On the palate, experience the grace of elegant red fruits—cherries and redcurrants—leading the way, followed by velvety tannins and a lingering, satisfying finish.

What Alex Mackay (our winemaker) did

Our Pinot Noir is crafted with care, embodying the essence of tradition. The grapes undergo the classic Burgundian pigeage method, pressed with meticulous attention, including 12% of whole bunches left intact during open-top fermentation, infusing the wine with nuanced complexity. Maturing for 11 months in a blend of new and old French oak barrels adds layers of character, culminating in a harmonious symphony before being expertly blended and bottled.

What the wine says

In every pour, our Pinot Noir quietly suggests, 'Embrace my elegance and savour the subtleties of my complexity.' Here's to enjoying the simple yet delightful dance of flavours in each glass.