On the Fly 2022 Rosé

On the Fly 2022 Rosé

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"The world is a Rosé; smell it and pass it to your friends."
                                       .....adapted from a Persian proverb
Our new 2022 Rosé is fresh and vibrant and very much a wine to enjoy with friends. 


Vital statistics

Pinot Noir grapes (MV6 clone)

Hand picked: March 2022

Bottled: 23 July 2022

12.6% alcohol/vol


Soft turkish delight that dances in the glass


Lovely Pinot Noir red-berried fruits


Rose-like with sweet fruit on the front of the palate followed by a subtle dry finish. Fresh and crisp with well balanced acidity.

What our winemaker, Alex McKay, did

Crafted from carefully selected Pinot Noir grapes, this wine has undergone an intense, cool fermentation process in sleek stainless steel vats, lasting a daring 10 days. This exceptional treatment allows the wine to unlock its vibrant flavors and maintain a crisp, refreshing character. To enhance its allure, Alex employs the power of bentonite clay fining, a daring technique that adds a touch of mystique to the final creation. Brace yourself for an delightful rosé experience.

How to enjoy this wine

This wine says "Drink me anytime. I'm good with or without food. And yes, I am flirtatious. Men and women love me for my style, appearance and good taste."